It’s hard to admit, but I’ve fallen under the temptation of avoiding my own website.  One of the cardinal sins for a website owner, but especially horrible to admit for someone who creates and services websites for a living!   Please don’t walk in my footsteps.  Posting regular content on your Word Press website is super important for the following reasons and more.

Why Post Regular Content

  1. Search engines love to gobble up unique, useful information.  The more your site has to offer visitors, the more highly you get ranked.  Admittedly, there are a bunch of factors of course, but useful information that you’ve created yourself is high up there.  Here it is from Google’s own “lips”.
  2.  Your customers need to hear from you.  Even if they are loyal customers and know you well, it’s important to continue to build and maintain a relationship with them.
  3. New customers need to find you.  Create a post on your site, which is super easy with Word Press, and then paste the URL into your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media tool.  You can even write it ahead of time and schedule it to appear.  There’s so much to say about this, I’ll have to leave it here for now.

Back to Business

Why so remiss?   In short, life is busy.  While I’ve made sure to hit my client’s deadlines, the deadlines for my own web presence has fallen sadly by the wayside as I’ve tended to PTA board business at my children’s school, been active in my church, helped with Micah’s Backpack and, many other things.  I like to be an involved part of my community so my time is often short.   It’s no excuse, however.  My clients, potential clients, and those amazing Google search engines need to know I’m still here.

I’ve turned the proverbial new leaf.   Now, I’m ’bout to get down to business.   Keep an eye out for new posts with tips and suggestions.  I plan to do some video tutorials for those of you who have Word Press sites with a refresher on how Word Press works and how you can make it work for you.