WebWithEase.com has now become Skipjack Web Services!  We’re ecstatic to release our new name, our new brand and our new presence on the web. For years we’ve been known as WebWithEase.com  (Pronounced “Web With Ease”) because we’re so darn easy to work with!  We decided it was time for a change and an enhanced image. We still do the same great work and we still love getting to know your business, but we now we have a new wardrobe!

We chose the name Skipjack for very good reasons.  By way of background, the skipjack is a boat used historically by the oystermen of the Chesapeake Bay here in Maryland because of this characteristics as hard-working, efficient and inexpensive.

  • The skipjack ties in with the vision and mission of our company.
  • We love our home state of Maryland and want to honor its traditions (though we work with businesses all over the world.)
  • When we’re stressed – yes it happens to all of us – we like to think of the beautiful Bay and the time we’ve been fortunate to spend on it.  Oh….. so relaxing.