Evernote is one of those tools that’s hard to remember not having here at Skipjack.  We’ve been using it for years to keep our business organized and we don’t want to work without it!

What is Evernote?  A businessperson’s best friend. If you’ve used legal pads, post it notes, emails, text files, index cards, moleskine notebooks or any other method to capture information, Evernote does the job of all those in one single place.

I’ll admit, I still keep a small notebook on hand because I love to sketch out an idea on paper – that’s part of my creative process and I like it.  But once I put it on paper, I don’t have to track it down every time I want to look at it.  I store it digitally in Evernote.


Evernote let’s you capture your information easily in almost any method that works for you:

1) send an email directly into Evernote
2) take a picture with your smartphone directly into Evernote
3) record an audio note directly into Evernote (it will transcribe your words into text as well!)
4) clip a web article directly into Evernote with a single click

But what happens when you get all this stuff in one place – does it resemble the receipt shoe box you send to your accountant every March?  No, the interface is elegant and very useful. Let’s take a peek into my Evernote and I’ll show you:


You can use Evernote: from your smart device (tablet or phone), the web or a convenient and powerful desktop application.  There is also a Web Clipper that lets you save web pages and articles directly into Evernote as you surf the web (one click!).

Useful things to capture:

  • Take a picture of your receipts and tag them (for tax purposes!)
  • Save articles from the web to review later if you don’t have time to read them now
  • Create checklists and share them with your co-workers (complete with ‘checkoff’ boxes)
  • Take a picture of documents so you can access them anywhere
  • Keep copies of your travel documents (in case you lose them overseas!)
  • Add pictures of  potential gift ideas for your clients this holiday season
  • Save pictures of ideas you like for remodeling your kitchen

The possibilities can go on, but one this is for sure: it’s worth the free price to try it out. I’ve found that the free version gets me everything I need!