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Your Mobile To-Do

So you’ve got a website. Somewhere in your mind there’s a little check-mark by that big to-do. You might not think about the site much, but it’s there. People see your phone number and other basic information. You exist on the web and that’s really all you need. Or is it? While it’s tempting as […]

Are You Missing Interviews? Ignoring Your Online Presence

Running a small business (or organization) is a herculean task most days, especially when you wear many hats.  Well, put on your chief marketer hat for a moment and think about the importance of your online presence.  No bones about it, online is where people find information these days. Yet as many as half of small […]

A Word Press Confession

It’s hard to admit, but I’ve fallen under the temptation of avoiding my own website.  One of the cardinal sins for a website owner, but especially horrible to admit for someone who creates and services websites for a living!   Please don’t walk in my footsteps.  Posting regular content on your Word Press website is […]